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Batteries manufacturers in Bangalore

Batteries manufacturers in Bangalore

When it comes to reliable batteries manufacturers in Bangalore, Zitron Batteries stands out as a trusted name. We are a group of professionals with over 35 years of experience in the battery industry who mooted the idea of launching a start-up company in Bangalore during the year 2015 with the latest technology in association with the leading production houses in India and abroad. The very idea was to give the ever-demanding customers the best quality and long life for the batteries they look for, whether it is automotive, two-wheeler, tubular batteries for inverters and solar applications, SMF VRLA for ups, VRLA, OPzS, or NiCad batteries for telecom, spiral batteries, traction batteries for material handling, tubular batteries for e-rickshaws, golf carts, or electric vehicles, including lithium iron batteries.

Zitron Batteries Pvt. Ltd. also works with leading battery manufacturers on private labelling as consultants and export partners.

Zitron also has in their panel a reputed technical team that conducts due diligence, negotiates takeovers, invests, and is capable of recruiting a complete team for production, R&D, sales, marketing, and finance to lead any battery company to higher revenues. As a leading player in the industry, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality batteries that cater to a wide range of applications. Our state-of-the-art facility in Bangalore ensures that every battery is crafted with precision and adheres to strict quality standards. With a commitment to excellence, Zitron Batteries has earned a reputation for delivering durable and efficient battery solutions that power various devices and equipment. Whether you need batteries for automotive, industrial, or residential use, our comprehensive range of products has got you covered. Choose Zitron Batteries as your preferred batteries manufacturer in Bangalore and experience the reliability and performance that sets us apart from the rest.





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